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Light at the end of the tunnel...?

At some point tonight, I'm not quite sure when or why...my depression stopped. The cloud of 'funk' that's been growing progressively thicker, darker and more oppressive over the past few months just lifted away. I slipped back into RP with a little bit more of my old energy, I got a whole bunch of code and work done on Firan and a chunk of code done for ASiT, and I worked on script-drafts and various methods of breaking the story up into strips for Little Green Apples.

Maybe the electric bill was the last straw and I finally gave up on being depressed. Maybe this is just temporary, and I'll slip back down into a funk soon; I know I'm still a little bummed to be out of work and all...but on the other hand, for the first time in at least two months, I actually felt /productive/ and like I was doing something worthwhile. And for the first time since, like, November of last year, I really suddenly started to feel like /myself/ again. I can't really describe the sense of finding yourself after six months of downhill slide, having not even really realized until after the fact where you started to lose yourself along the way.

Hopefully I'm back on track now.

Anyway...I stayed up way too late savoring this and actually /doing/ things with this productivity, so now it's time to crash. The heater's still off so the house is still freezing, and now that I'm not in the television room (where a lot of the hot air seems to settle, for some reason) I'm really, really cold. Definitely time to go sleepies!
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