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FF Sparks (Casual)


We're going to find a way to make the electrical bill stuff work out, despite my initial panic-reaction. But it does look like we'll have to find a new place; according to the electrical company, this is par for the house. The electrical heater never turns off (you have to shut it off at the switchbox) no matter what the thermostat is set to; I start to suspect it's part of why the previous tenants moved out.

This is really unfortunate...trying to find a new place to live while unemployed will be unpleasant, but it'll work out somehow. Also, I hate moving. I really, REALLY hate moving. I hate changing phone numbers, and having no phone or 'net upon move-in, and getting addresses updated at the bank and everywhere, and packing up everything. This is the real reason I never end up unpacking half of my stuff from boxes; I don't honestly believe anymore that I'll ever stay anywhere long enough for it to be worth it.

Hopefully this time it won't be quite so down-to-the-wire; we took this house because Jen talked me into submitting our intent to move at the beginning of December, and we hadn't yet found a firm place. By the 19th, this house was available and so we took it, fast, because otherwise we would've ended up homeless by the beginning of January.

Ugh. I suppose maybe I should consider relocation for jobs after all, if we're breaking the lease on this place anyway. I'd just hate to leave Seattle and my friends and roommates and everything.


I'm sure there's a good reason I don't know about, but I'm curious (maybe because my ex-stepfather's an a/c and heating repairman). Why don't you just look into getting the furnace controls fixed?
(As a PS, usually from what you're describing, it's nothing more complicated than a broken temperature gauge -at- the furnace itself. Digital thermometers are your friend. While it -may- require a fee for getting fixed, it's unlikely to cost a lot; and in the long run it'd save you a lot of time and hassle.)
I plan to do some experimenting with ye old watt-per-hour meter and see iffin I can pinpoint just where our biggest power drains are.

It might be overly hopeful thinking on my part, butcha never know if it's just down to keeping the heater switched off and not using the dryer to drop the billz out of the stratosphere.

In Experiment #1 Jen and I managed to hike up our house's power consumption rate by 10 times by briefly turning almost everything on. :>

When the mark on the circle thing goes around, that's one watt, right?
Well, I donno what the deal is with that, but yes, dryers and heaters (and a/c) use electricity the fastest. Living in Florida as I do, the a/c stays on year-round. Our bills routinely are around 150 a month, going up to a little closer to 200 a month in the summers. Keeping in mind that we leave lights on all the time, and the computers on -all- the time, and lately he's taken to leaving the television on all the time too (and we have our own washer and dryer and dishwasher, too ;b).

Furnaces, however, take more to run than a/cs, believe it or not. So I think if you manage to fix that, your bills should drop like, a lot. But I'm not an electrician or furnace repairman; I'd recommend calling in someone to do an assessment and get an appraisal done. Talk to your landlord, too, and find out if he'll pay for repairs, or reimburse you if you pay.


I know what you mean about moving. There's definitely something to be said for a support network! Looking back at my life, I realize I have a tendancy to move/run away when I don't like how my life is going in a particular place, be it a school, living situation, or actual geographical location. I don't regret making those choices up until this point, but it does mean I've had a much harder time putting down roots and forming up a deep support network of long-term friends, family and service providers from cleaners to doctors. Here I am back at that place again, wondering if I just went... somewhere else, the jobs would be better, the rent would be cheaper, the town would be cooler, and I would be happier. I think this time I am a little more justified to say so, since there really are much better places for post-bac pre-med work, but I'm tired of running. I think maybe, even though it might be more adventageous to be somewhere else right now, it wouldn't be any better. *shrug* YMMV. If so, consider moving over here! I'll be your friend! ;)