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We're going to find a way to make the electrical bill stuff work out, despite my initial panic-reaction. But it does look like we'll have to find a new place; according to the electrical company, this is par for the house. The electrical heater never turns off (you have to shut it off at the switchbox) no matter what the thermostat is set to; I start to suspect it's part of why the previous tenants moved out.

This is really unfortunate...trying to find a new place to live while unemployed will be unpleasant, but it'll work out somehow. Also, I hate moving. I really, REALLY hate moving. I hate changing phone numbers, and having no phone or 'net upon move-in, and getting addresses updated at the bank and everywhere, and packing up everything. This is the real reason I never end up unpacking half of my stuff from boxes; I don't honestly believe anymore that I'll ever stay anywhere long enough for it to be worth it.

Hopefully this time it won't be quite so down-to-the-wire; we took this house because Jen talked me into submitting our intent to move at the beginning of December, and we hadn't yet found a firm place. By the 19th, this house was available and so we took it, fast, because otherwise we would've ended up homeless by the beginning of January.

Ugh. I suppose maybe I should consider relocation for jobs after all, if we're breaking the lease on this place anyway. I'd just hate to leave Seattle and my friends and roommates and everything.
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