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FF Sparks (Casual)

Let's hear it for innovation...!

You know you've been taught to think outside the box and improvise when you trip and fall at work, sprain your wrist, and the first thing you go and do is get an Otter Pop, break it in strategic places, and wrap it around your wrist like an ice pack. And even more when the only suggestion that your co-workers offer is not 'you're insane' but 'you should have used a blue one, it'd look more appropriate'.

Of course, I'm discovering this thing is COLDER than your average ice pack...!


youch! are you ok?

and otterpops are ever amazing, yes :)

Yep, fine!

I sprain my wrist or ankle at least once every summer, ever since I was 13. It's sort of like a weird tradition imposed by Fate. ;P

My wrist is still a bit sore and I feel stupid for managing to sprain it by TRIPPING instead of my usual 'fall off my bike' or 'decide to go hiking and grab a branch wrong while cresting a hill' methods, but I've been less outdoorsy-active this summer than in the past.

And I have my splint and I have a freezer full of Otter Pops, so... :)