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So, evidently, we're now getting $800 electrical bills. See, turns out they only bill us intermittently. And evidently, we're using 8000 kilowatts of power. I find this mildly hard to believe; evidently 1700 kilowatts is enough to run Safeco Field's floodlights and stuff for a week. Still, according to the company (and distressingly, evidently according to our /meter/), we are. Augh. I do not have the money to cover this, and Brent doesn't, and Jen's about to go to Europe so doesn't have the money to contribute towards it.

So, I'm pricing how much I can get for selling my laptop, used. Ugh. I love this laptop... I don't want to give it up. It's my brain. But I can evidently get about $1800 for it, used, so that would cover the electric bill for this round. Bleah.

Maybe we need to move or something. Jen and I have been going around and turning off every light, unplugging the alarm clocks, unplugging radios, turning off computers, unplugging anything we can. :(

I think I'm going to lie down, I've got a headache.
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