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Little Green Apples!

What do you get when you combine a writer with a penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor and a heavy anime influence in their sense of story (me), with an artist with a comic-book style and an equally twisted sense of humor (brent2005)? You get a webcomic which involves an out-of-favor deity wandering down to earth to figure out how to regain power, his hapless mortal roommate, and various other supernatural entities who wander through. As Brent described it, "Neil Gaiman's American Gods meets Ah! My Goddess...or something." Or as kieri described it, something with characters "lacking the sense God gave little green apples!"

So... Brent and I are beginning work on Little Green Apples (thanks for the name, Jen!).

Actually, I think this webcomic will do me a lot of good.

I've been feeling creatively stymied in some ways... I've hit a total block on writing code lately, I think maybe I just coded myself out on all the code-exams for various job interviews and need to recharge....probably the fact that I haven't been sleeping well has contributed to that. Plus, I've not been working on my writing, to my chagrin.

And I need something to focus energy on and work on while my coding-brain resets and to let me get that creative-impulse out. Plus, hopefully it'll allow me a bit of feeling like I've achieved something again... even if it's just writing a webcomic which people might enjoy.

There's no real website or web design or anything for this comic yet, but I tossed up some scans of Brent's pencil character-studies along with descriptions of the characters here for people who are curious to take a look at four of the characters.
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