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o/` Get alooooong, TRY AGAIN! o/`

So, the other day I picked up the Best of Slayers soundtrack, and am listening to it. I haven't watched Slayers in ages; I don't have the translations of any of it, and my Japanese-language DVDs are still loaned out.

And it's making me oddly wistful...it's been a long time since I cut as completely loose in a scene as I used to when I was playing Amelia in a Slayers campaign online, though I admit that a bit of Amelia influenced Rhys on HPM. "The halls of this school are now stalked by a spirit of justice! Slytherin beware, the Masked Wand watches you now!"

Maybe it's just a little of the melancholy lately...not so much the style of RP as the fact that I've lost touch with a lot of the people who I used to play with ages ago, and I kind of miss the carefree fun we used to have. Maybe in part because agermain and I were remniscing a few days ago, about when I used to play a character named Iri on one game. Iri is a comic-book character from a comic called 'Ruin Explorers' about Iri and her sidekick (a bubbleheaded naive elf mage named Fam) who look for ruins of an ancient civilization to raid, in order to find treasure and magic items. Iri was an extremely powerful mage, but after she blew up her teacher's lab one too many times as a little girl he cursed her so that any time she tried to use magic she would be turned into a mouse. So she became a fighter, instead.

At any rate, I haven't done anything in a long while as innocently ridiculous as the personality-changing hair dye (damn you for reminding me of that scary stuff, Dre! It's all coming back to me...!), or when Iri's magic allergy was finally 'cured' and so at the urging of another character, she tried to compete in a magic-user's tournament...with somewhat disasterous results, including giant elemental serpents and deranged golems rampaging around the arena and Iri re-developing an abrupt cheese fixation near the end of the match.

Or stuff like on another game, where the setting was a school where people from almost any reality/storyline/genre were attending. My poor character and her roommate had to deal with the deranged science teacher attaching a space portal to their closet, because she needed more space to store her inventions. I particularly remember the giant Furby which wandered from her workshop into our room and - frighteningly - picked up powerful magic spells which it thankfully never managed to cast ("Mee-po Ra Tilt...!"), and the semi-intelligent acidic slime creature which crawled from her lab into our room and hid under one of the beds. ("The creature under the bed sounds like it has indigestion..." "I fed it your laundry. It was starting to ooze out and eye my homework." "Oh. Uhm... what /happens/ when a semi-intelligent acidic slime gets indigestion?" "I dunno...but you know, I'm not sticking around to find out." "Me neither.")

I guess in some ways I just miss the comedic RP. We have moments of that in HP stuff, but our HP RP tends to be darker and serious in a lot of ways. Firan's largely serious. And while I miss /really/ dark, psychologically twisty RP too (though I've finally caved and started a side-campaign with a friend)...I think I kind of also miss leaping onto Gourry's head (there was nothing else tall around!) to proclaim dramatically that the bad guys would perish, or trying to keep the Furby out of the room, or running screaming whenever someone mentioned hair dye. It was always nice to laugh so hard that you ended up getting hiccups. :)

Ah, well. :)
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