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FF Sparks (Casual)

Reflections on a day

Today's lesson #1: When shopping at a giant Japanese supermarket, one cannot use one's normal method of spotting one's sister-in-law from a distance in a crowd if that method happens to be 'look for the short, ubercute Japanese girl'. Problem is worsened by having sister-in-law's two younger sisters present.

Today's lesson #2: Do not introduce a 2002 Volkswagon Beetle to sister-in-law, unless you plan to let her use the car keys. (Though I think I made Reiko's day.)

Today's lesson #3: Do not go into Kinokuniya if you plan to escape with wallet intact. (I only got three CDs and four tankubon!!)

Today's lesson #4: Your younger brother is wrong if he says Ramune soda (yummy fizzy stuff with the gimmicky marble-seal for the bottle) isn't in the chilled beverages aisle.

*belated addendum*

Today's lesson #5: Do not allow your younger brother to hold your Ramune bottle at any point in time. You will first wonder why the marble is unusually difficult to dislodge, and be forced to leap backwards from the counter when the marble /is/ dislodged, as a geyser of new Peach-flavor Ramune erupts.