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Evidently, not only are some web designers (see earlier post) going to Hell, but so am I, because I have committed the horrible sin of enjoying the Harry Potter books. Alas! I repent! I will go do something safe and inoffensive, such as become a hooker or listening to Marilyn Manson music!

Sarcasm aside, I have no problems with Christianity. I was raised a combination of Quaker and Catholic, and my beliefs fall somewhere in the 'loosely Christian' range; I believe in God, I believe that Christ existed and - while I think the Bible is likely a skewed account because it was written by flawed humans - was certainly an inspired and enlightened person. I also think any number of other religious figures were inspired and enlightened, and that humanity as a whole is not capable of comprehending a single Truth, because whatever the Truth is it's too big for us to understand. Any number of aspects of truth are equally valid, because we can't perceive the whole thing; I think it's possible for there to be a very holy and enlightened man who follows Christianity without it excluding one who follows, say, Buddhism or Islam. (Those are my beliefs, and I don't intend to force them on anyone else.)

However, what does bother me is when people take Christianity - or other religions like Islam - which have very good points in them, and turn into slavering lunatics over them; it's behavior like this which leads so many people online to mock Christianity. Sometimes, I wonder if the fact that smaller fanatic responses - things like this - can spread so quickly with modern media isn't partly responsible for an overall rise in atheism in today's culture. So many people today replace spirituality with commercialism or 'fad' spiritualities (no offense to actual Wiccans, but the fad-like psuedo-Wiccan stuff where they basically are reciting cheesy poems or rituals they found in Anne Rice novels really bothers me).

Ah, well. If I'm going to hell, at least it will be in good company; many respected and talented actors and authors and artists enjoy the Harry Potter books... we'll have a very crowded little circle of Hell, but at least the conversation will be good.

Perhaps philosophy on an empty stomach is a bad idea. :)
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