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FF Sparks (Casual)


I've definitely been playing Harry Potter characters too long.

The Draco Malfoy in me is growing increasingly offended that all the DVD ads feature Potter, that mudblood girl and Weasel... but not a mention of the proud scion of an ancient wizarding bloodline. Clearly, Potter used some of his inheritance to buy off that Muggle advertising agency; father will have to remedy this.

On the other hand, I've also played Ron Weasley in a number of scenes, and Ron is quite amused and taunting Draco. Just goes to show that Muggles have some taste, Malfoy!



Ah say, DEFINITELY been playing Malfoy too long. (/Foggie)

Of course, far better to play Harry Potter than, say, Star Wars Episode I...

Meesa suuuure of that. Eeesa game is bom-bad. Meesa duck now...

Re: Definitely....


Aiie! Boomgun makea noise! Now yousa dead!
Just watch who it is exactly you're calling a /Mudblood/, Malfoy.

Isn't it a pity that for all your father's money and your family's heritage, you -still- can't seem to best one pitiful Mudblood in your classes, Malfoy? *smiles sweetly, and pops a chocolate-covered black raspberry into her mouth*
*reddens angrily at black raspberry reference*

...I hate you, Granger.
Yes, dear, I know. *sighs* Now ... back to our topic ...
Old master must not speak ill of Mister Harry Potter Sir and his grand friends! They is the bestest wizards in the world! They deserves to be admired!

... this after only one scene as Dobby...
...you win, that's scarier.

Though why I should listen to a mere house elf, especially one who is the laughingstock of the house-elf world for his insane ideas, is beyond me. ...you know, I hear that Professor Snape has been looking for test subjects for some of his new potions. <slow, faintly serpentine cold smile spreads across face>
*eagerly* Will SnapeSir give Dobby socks for helping him, does you think?
Oh, I do not doubt Professor Snape would be happy to give you a pair of old socks in exchange for your aid in his experiments. I am just unsure whether or not you would have any limbs left to wear the socks on, by that point.