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Spider-Man (spoiler-free)

Alright. No spoilers. However, I'll say this much... I was very surprised. Sure, I'd heard lots of gushing about it, but I've heard lots of gushing about films I found to be really lousy adaptations of books (especially comic books).

But even the English major who doesn't read comic books who came with us was impressed by how the story was told. Sure, there were no plot surprises to anyone who's read the old Stan Lee comics, but it was paced well, you didn't have to be familiar with the comics to enjoy it and overall the acting was /good/. It was one of those movies where everything just sort of came together and meshed to /work/... music, camera work, acting, dialogue, all of it.

I expected to have an enjoyable evening watching Yet Another Comic-Book Adaptation, but not a lot else. I was very, very surprised to find myself watching a film which stood on its own merits and managed to sway me (and most of the audience) between tears and laughter several times; it got the emotional reactions it aimed for and didn't use the Sledgehammer Of Cliche to achieve them.

Well worth the cost of admission, and bravo Sam Raimi and team!
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