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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I applied for unemployment. Accepted. Filed the first claim this week, as per instructions.

Claim rejected, I found out today. It's still too soon after Quicksilver let us all go. Clerical error on what I was told before; they'll start unemployment payments next month. Augh. How the HELL am I going to make rent?

They did include a nice little 'good luck finding work' note with the rejection notice from the unemployment office, though. :P


You'll make rent just fine. Relax.

Frugality is our friend, but we'll be fine. We've been through worse. No worries, sweetie.


Wow, in AZ we can file right after being laid off, checks start about 3 weeks after filing. Also, don't feel guilty about filing for Unemployment, employers PAY for it with employment taxes as required by law. It's not welfare, you get unemployment credit for each hour you ever work somewhere and you are certainly entitled to it. Basically the employment taxes that employers file quarterly are put directly into an account at the state level with your SSN. So it's yours for when you need it and it is not designated for anyone else. Believe me, when I owned my ISP I paid out the nose in employment taxes and when the company failed I was very glad that I did have to pay unemployment taxes because I was the one out of a job!