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FF Sparks (Casual)


The part I didn't put in my previous post was that mom's phonecall to me also included the news that my family's dog, Kumokuma (Cloud-bear) - Kumo for short - was sick. Kumo's not keeping down food or water, and the vet doesn't know what's wrong. So that was a significant chunk of stress for me, too, which made me sort of 'down' even before the rest is taken into account.


Some moms have a hard time letting go of the apron strings. The trick is to cut the apron strings yourself, but in a way that leaves mom holding onto a bit of that reassuring piece of cloth! She means well, yes, but you're not the kid she wants to think you are, and you know that. I already know you're on the right track to do what's best for yourself. Keep on it, know there are people who have faith in you, and before you know it all the stress and worry will be just a memory!