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Scary Parodies!

Quidditch: the Musical -- set to the musical 'Chess'!

The musical tale of a grand match between Quidditch teams fielded by Gryffindor and Slytherin. Starring Harry Potter as the Gryffindor (American) player, Hermione Granger as his second, Draco Malfoy as the Slytherin (Russian) player!

Featuring such songs as Madam Hooch's 'Referee'

    o/` It's my duty as the referee at the start of the match / on behalf of all the faculty to welcome you, which I do, there's a catch! / I don't care if you're the Team Captain, no one messes with me! / I am ruthless in upholding what I know is right, black or white, as you see! / I'm on the pitch, can't be fooled, any objection is overruled! ... o/`

Watch as the Gryffindor team splinters! See the affair that starts between those who should be enemies, born of love... but see differences of belief tear it apart once more! Thrill as a startling alliance is finally made...

    o/` Slytherin! Gryffindor! An intriguing collusion... o/`

Featuring music by Abba, and the hit song 'One Night in Hogsmeade'.

Blame wonderwombat...she got me started on Chess, damn her!
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