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FF Sparks (Casual)

Rachel's V. Secret Diary

Job with Wildseed didn't work out. V. disheartened. Applied for unemployment today, v. concerned about finances. V. discouraged overall.

Plus side, two friends are visiting soon, v. anxious to see them. V. hungry, not much real food in house and while I have a fair amount of money in my checking account, am v. reluctant to spend right now. Am waiting for dinner with roommates. One is not home until 9:30pm tonight. V. seriously considering going to grocery store and buying snack foods anyway.

Also got hair styled and darkened on Saturday, looked good. Go me!


Provide me with a list of B's food allergies, will ya? I'll bring recipes...

Prunella the Wombat's V. Secret Reply

Am ambivalent about final final tomorrow am. Was to be my final 'up yours' to undergrad work, but, alas, am decided to take another year and do double-major. Must write basic composition final with straight face. Am resolved to study. Maybe.
V. eager to go to Seattle and visit friends. Miss them v. much. Am worried will be financial burden re: current general money-light burden of all and sundry. Will earn keep by being generally cute.
Query -- if Catsy sees the current length of my hair, will he go into orgasmic rapture? Will it be messy?

Re: Prunella the Wombat's V. Secret Reply

You will not be a financial burden.

Likely Catsy would. I fear if he sees my new hair color, too.


What does V. stand for? Vociferously? Valiantly? Vapidly?

Re: !


Re: !

Very what?

Re: !

V. very.
Will sending you a v. cd-ish CD help? :)