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Supersonic Cheese!

Our cheese is moving again, though perhaps in a good direction this time.

We've managed to win back a few concessions in our little political war, and now it seems that if we provide a C++ interface to our Java libraries, we will be able to continue to develop in Java. Suddenly I get to investigate solutions for doing this. This is good, but it's more confusion and exhaustion. :/

Still, I am so glad that with this job, I get to leave work behind when I leave. I've done too much work in the tech industry to believe that it's normal to be able to leave work behind when you walk out the door. And my manager does his best to keep our team happy, healthy and sane. (E.g. we're not ALLOWED to work more than 40 hours a week. If he catches you in on a weekend to do something, he makes you take a day off the following week.)

On the amusing side, my visiting houseguest actually kicked her Dark Cloud addiction for a little while last night. This is, in part, because she also plays on the game kieri and I play and admin on, and she was just snagged as a new staff trainee last night. Muahaha. Lots of new files to read and code to learn. However, I hear sad news that she's suffered a relapse today and is once more bonding with my Playstation-2.

And my really cute co-worker showed up with his glasses today (instead of contacts) and wearing his hiking clothes he wants to break in before trying to climb Mt. Rainer this weekend. Good thing we're working in separate rooms today.

Back to JNI work. Looks like VC++ has installed, finally...
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