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So. More fool me, I go to read WORA to see if anything is said about the closing of HPM because, well, I had fun there and I don't want to see the game bad-mouthed on web boards; there were a lot of good times there. Nice, simple, easy thing to do.

Seeing nothing, I think 'well, that's good; I'll check this other thread about perspective on MU*ing horror stories, just for laughs.'

And suddenly, I find a huge long section of the thread about the guy who I was naive and dumb enough to trust, and who assaulted me (and who, so I hear, is still cyberstalking me and trying to find where I play these days). He even tried to grope/assault/take-advantage-of HPM's headwizardess, I find out from this thread. *shudder*

He's like...the serial rapist/assaultist of the online world. I wonder why on earth he hasn't been locked up. He...*shiver* *shudder*

Ugh. I just...I feel physically ill.

Edit: comment link disabled. I just needed to vent my disgust over the small-world effect of this guy; I don't need pity-comments. :)
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