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Quiz break!

[harry + hermione]

Erm. Some of the others are pretty scary, though... I mean, there's the obvious Harry+Ginny, Ron+Hermione, Draco+Pansy ones and the fan-favorite Draco+Hermione, but 'Dumbledore+McGonagall' scares me, as does 'Snape+Lily'.

And then...

[i'm dean thomas]
...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

Congrats! You're Gryffindor fourth-year Dean Thomas!

At first glance, there might not be too much to set you apart from the rest. On closer examination, however, it's easy to see that you're laidback, artistic, and as loyal as any Hufflepuff. Best of all, your biggest argument in three years has been about why the people in your posters don't move .

(Your moment of glory - so far, at least - comes any time Gryffindor House needs some notable decorations.)

...which is actually funny, 'cause Dean Thomas is one of my favorite lesser characters (and I didn't know he was on the test!) :)
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