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o/` Sugar Baby Love, kuchibiru ni namida no ROUGE... o/`

So, I made my first DVD using my new computer. I took fansubs of Chicchana Yukitsukai SUGAR - a horrifically cute series that magney pointed me at - and converted them to MPEG-2 and made a DVD of the first five episodes, with a menu system and all. It plays back skippy on the video on the PS2, but seems to work on everything else. (And it looks like there's a method/patch I could use to make it work on the PS2 properly if I made another copy.) Unfortunately, the subtitles are a little too close to the base of the picture; on my television they almost don't make it into the screen; I also put the buttons on the menu too close to the borders.

I hadn't realized how much of the picture isn't visible on the average television. Still, it's a learning experience, and it plays back fine on my laptop or desktop and so on. :)
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