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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I actually tinkered around with some ideas for an LJ client if I write one.

Basic features:
  • Blink icon/notification on new friends posts, like any proper client does.
  • Edit window for post is in a single dialog along with security level, current music, current mood, current picture, active journal and all those other useful post options.
  • Client allows jumping directly to the journal page of any of your friends.
  • Client allows jumping directly to the page of any community you belong to.
  • Core functionality is in a DLL so other programs could use it.

Possible advanced features:
  • Ability to see /which/ friends have updated. (I.e. 'oh, look, a short update by amurderofcrows, I know three more will be along shortly, I'll wait...' -- sorry for using you as the example, Mandy!)
  • Ability to view/post comments directly from in client?
  • Ability to create and edit mood sets from client?
  • Ability to create and edit journal themes from client?
  • Ability to upload/manage userpics from client?
  • Ability to plug client into Trillian as a messaging option (I actually discussed this with the Trillian folks, sadly)

The advanced features all require workarounds, or additions to the LiveJournal protocol... and I'll probably never actually /do/ this, but it's still a vaguely tempting idea. :)


Whee! Fun with livejournal statistics! :)

From the beginning of the year until the end of March, you made: 792 posts (246 in January, 215 in February, 331 in March)

Your average posts per day is: 8.763825 (7.935484 posts/day in January, 7.678571 posts/day in February, 10.677419 posts/day in March)

Questions? ;)
Actually, the scariest part of that is not your statistics, but that I wrote a hack of a script to generate those statistics in under 10 minutes, solely to retort to a comment. :P
I am waiting for a Very Long Compile to finish at work. :P


You freak; isn't there's some script in livejournal.com's cgi-bin which'll tell you that? it was leaked some time back

following the yellowy brick superhighway

I almost went down this track, and actually started writing my own command-line python livejournal client (my idea of infinite bliss).

Then I realised after working on it for almost 2 weeks in my spare time that the most important thing about having a blog is about using the blog, and that since the fanciest things appearing in mine are (shock horror) the occasional image I've drawn, then its probably not the best use of my energies making a client full of features which I'll never, ever use.

Well, I definitely might use some of them. :) I'd use Trillian more often if you spoke to me on it, rather than the 50 people whom I don't know from other countries who've added me to their contact lists while I had authorisation turned off, and send me 50 messages each every time I log on, most of which say "Why aren't you online more?" and generally annoy the hell out of me. *sigh*

Re: following the yellowy brick superhighway

For a command-line LiveJournal client written in python, check out my client, Charm. :)

(I really should post the latest version...)

Re: following the yellowy brick superhighway

Oops, I started a geek-flocking! :)

Re: following the yellowy brick superhighway

*haha* Oh dear, alright, I'll bite...

I'll even download and possibly use the client if:
- you release the most recent version
- declare the current release reliably stable and bug-free
- attempt some kind of CVS repository (joke:P)

Yes Sparks, yes you have--its all your fault!

Re: following the yellowy brick superhighway

Feel free to poke me on Trillian, Quid. I'm generally willing to talk, I just never know when you're actually /there/. ;)

Re: following the yellowy brick superhighway

Oh! :) Okay, I will do this then, at the moment I'm sort of taking a bit of a break from ICQ though.

The situation mentioned above is bad when it happens at work, which is where I'm normally online from; it means I turn trillian on then suddenly its time to go home and I haven't gotten overly much done. :)