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FF Sparks (Casual)

On a lighter note...

...the Dark Cloud addiction has spread to our visiting Canadian friend Jen. She watched my roommate's younger sister play the game for a while, and decided she wanted to try, and spent yesterday adhered to the PS2 until we booted her so everyone could watch DVDs. Perhaps I'm going to be arrested for dealing digital crack. :P

And it looks like a friend showed up... at least, I think shidouk is a particular someone who I know, since I definitely know who the Val mentioned in the journal entry is. :)


augh! i will never, ever get this game! ;)

You learn quickly, grasshopper...

...the hand which is not on the controller of a Dark Cloud game is a hand which can be used for other things! Aaaah! Reflect on this lesson, grasshopper, and return to me when you can snatch this controller from my friend's hand!

Actually, I have to admit that the only guy I've ever had toy with Dark Cloud found it 'cute but boring'. Maybe it's just addictive to girls, and you could safely have Jesse try it. Then again, maybe I have a bad sampling. Three addicted female houseguests, two semi-addicted normal residents (I've mostly kicked the habit because I can never get my console back to play the game anyway!)...

Re: You learn quickly, grasshopper...


perhaps we'll rent it first. :)
Everyone you know is showing up..

It just takes some of us time to find you.
yes, it's me. :) Gah! What a chain of events. :) I log into LJ and find that 8 people have added me as their friend. :)

It's starting to snowball...

Soon we'll all have thirty people in our Friends list and our Friends page won't even go back a full day. (Of course, some people generate so many entries that just having that person in your friends list guarantees that. :) But I digress.)

Re: It's starting to snowball...

And others of us only update once a month. . :P

Of course, we have our reasons.. I'll probably start updating again soon.