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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I once again couldn't sleep; my room was swelteringly hot. I opened the window, I stripped my bed down to the sheets...I even stripped out of my pajamas entirely. (To all male journal readers: don't you dare comment.) My room was still hot enough that I couldn't fall asleep easily; I finally took my washcloth, ran it in cold water, put it in the fridge for a little while, and then draped it over my head to fall asleep. Wugh. Then, of course, I actually woke up freezing this morning...

Zzzz... I should probably get caffeine, but I've survived one conference call, one specifications debate in e-mail, two bugfix/firefighting sessions and a bit of LiveJournaling without it so far...


During the worst hot season in India, I would soak my pajamas completely in cold water, and then lie on my bed with the fan at full blast, and let evaporation do it's work. Ok, so it only lasted an hour or so, but at least it made things vaguely tolerable! ;)
.... what about us girls? Can we comment?

...can't... resist...

Nekked, nummy!

More seriously, my place is sort of the same way currently; I crawl in bed and I'm so freezing I've had to pile up blankets and wear a sweatshirt to bed, but halfway through the night I'm roasting and have sweated through all of it. Icky. Haven't had to resort to nekkedness yet, though.