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FF Sparks (Casual)

"Why do the fireflies have to die...?"

So, I found a CD I hadn't listened to in ages tonight, the audio track to Hotaru no Haka (or Grave of the Fireflies), the most wistful/poignant film ever created, in my opinion. Even now, when I haven't watched it in like 2 and a half years, the first few chiming notes of the music-box theme, or the first string chords of the funeral pyre music... can stir me to helpless tears. I know smell is supposed to be the strongest memory-associated sense, but I think music definitely has strong emotional-memory elements to it.

Why is it that I'm attracted to melancholy or wistful songs so often? Not /depressing/ ones, but melancholy/wistful ones. Maybe it's because so often the wistful things, the things we can't quite touch... and the melancholy... are so beautiful. Today's society is filled with dark-depressing music and literature, and poppy-happy bubblegum light things; the melancholy and wistful seems sadly neglected. And yet, aren't those the most poignant moments of a book? Of a film? The ones which stir us the most when we're watching?

I mean, of all the moments in Babylon 5, by far the moment which affected me the most was in "Sleeping in Light" - the final episode. Sheridan and Delenn's final goodbye, as Sheridan knows he's going to die and wants to do it in space. As he leaves, he tells her, "Goodbye, my love...you were the stars in my sky." Delenn, tears rolling down her cheeks, replies, "Goodbye, my love. You /were/ my sky..." Trite? Maybe. But it had that wistful, melancholy sense to it... and it touched me, making me cry the first time I saw it.

Maybe I'm just odd...


At least Delenn didn't say something like "Goodbye, my love. I will cherish your Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors figures as memories of our affection."

...Yeah. The medication is kicking in, my calling-in-sick mail is sent to the boss, and a random comment about B5's scriptwriter has been made. Yoush.



Hey, I LIKED Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. Flora was COOL. And there's references to the Lightning League hidden in B5! Nyah!
I think you're a softie and prone to dwelling on the incredibly moving, tender, HIGHLY DEPRESSING artistic stories out there.

So take a breather, will ya, and watch something light and fluffy tonight. :)



Hrm. Considering the final DVD of Ceres should arrive today or tomorrow, and I still have the last two Trigun DVDs...perhaps I should skip those.

I think the Card Captor Sakura movie arrives in the mail today as well. Is that light and fluffy enough? :)
So, uhm...remind me why we watched the end to Ayashi no Ceres last night if I was supposed to watch something light and fluffy? *boggle*

Melancholy Music!

Lovers of melancholy music unite! ;D

Me too, Sparks. I listen to so much of that stuff, because I love that kind of sound. That yearning, you know? Anyway, before I go all wonky due to my whopping two hours of sleep last night, I'll just leave it with: You're not alone! ;D

Mistress C.

Re: Melancholy Music!

Whoo! Go us! :D