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FF Sparks (Casual)

Scary thoughts...

Thanks to wonderwombat, I've had the musical Chess stuck in my head for about a month. I honestly briefly considered today trying to write a Quidditch parody of Chess...complete with Lee Jordan as the arbiter. The Slytherin as the USSR, the Gryffindor as the US... Harry as the US champ, Draco the USSR one, Hermione as Harry's second, Pansy Parkinson as Draco's wife... *sob* STOP ME...


You think that's bad? Since .someone. posted a link on a MUX bboard to this inane website with some bizzare Japanese song, I've had said bizarre song running through my head at odd intervals. Now that's annoying. ;P
*laugh* Which song is that? I don't THINK I inflicted any Japanese songs on you, at least not recently... :)

Whatever this one is... http://member.iquest.net/~derecho/pika.swf
I don't remember who posted it, but it's insidious.


I am triumphant! Bow before the power of the Chess! *cue evil cackling*


Although, I must add, having Harry as the American player is highly uncomplimentary to Harry.


...considering I play Draco Malfoy, I see no problem with this.


We really need to work on separating Draco from your ego. He's starting to warp you. ;)


I hate you most.


PS: I've never seen Chess... is it good? :)


I never saw it, either. But wonderwombat subjected me to the CDs of it for a three-hour road trip; it was one of the ways in which Skuld's sound system was christened. And the music is good, at any rate. :)

Besides which, it appeals to the Malfoy-persona in my head to envision Harry being so snarky to Hermione that she leaves him to have an affair with his rival, who then defects from his country to be with her, only to have things fall apart on that side, too...

Sort of like a much-worse version of Hermione trying to have relationships on HPM, actually! ;)


Gee, thanks. ;b