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An addict with their hit...

Ah, yes. Red Company, purveyors of the finest digital crack. I may not spend scads of money on imported anime stuff anymore, but one series, one company, can still inspire me to plunk down large amounts of money when their latest release comes out. And I truly outdid myself, purchasing a boxed set of my favorite RPG series ever. Sakura Taisen, in my opinion one of the most engrossing RPG series ever created; a tactical/strategy battle game, with a decent plot, steam-powered mecha, and trying to keep your team happy with you...

Sakura Taisen 3 was a good game, but I missed the real team. The fact that 4 puts us back in Japan, with Sakura and Kouran and Iris and Kanna and all the others... aaaaah.

*happy sigh of an addict getting her fix*
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