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My Cheese Moved...

I haven't written in my journal for a while, in part because my roommate and my friend Jen (not to be confused with my roommate Jen!) has been visiting since Saturday, and last week was a little busy.

A while back, because my employer is shifting our business model, some people got unhappy. One clever manager sent out copies of Who Moved My Cheese?, a book on dealing with drastic change. (For those who have been subjected to this book, which even the managers here admit is amusingly bad even though the advice is sound, I strongly recommend Who Cut the Cheese?, an extremely accurate and funny parody of the book.) As a result, 'moving cheese' has become a term in the company for changes.

Well, today, my team's cheese moved. And it didn't just move, it headed off over the horizon unexpectedly, into uncharted territories at speeds approaching mach 5.

We've been writing all our code in Java and doing certain things, and now voila, command comes down on high that we lost a political/religious war within the company, and must discard a year worth of work and rewrite everything in C++ and do other things in the design instead. This is, to say the least, a little unsettling. We're still a good team in a good work environment, so I'm not depressed, but we are a little stunned and still trying to figure out what to do. We're all sitting here feeling like our hands are tied, since we don't have the tools we need yet, but none of us have any interest or motivation in continuing to work on a codebase we know will be discarded before the end of the week.

We'll get back into the groove of things a little later, so it's not a long term shock. But right now, we'll all sort of feeling like we'll have to go back to an inferior tool (for all our complaints about VisualAge, it's got the best merge abilities and object-oriented development environment of anything I've seen) and want to hide our heads in the sand.

Can I go home now?
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