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I went out to lunch today at the little café I usually go to (Peerless Café). They recognize me and know me by name...but today I was wearing my PCC Staff shirt. This earned "Oh, Rachel! You work at the PCC?" (English is not their native language.)

I explained that no, but my mom was the board administrator, and they huddled around to go on about how "PCC food so much /better/ than other place! /So much/." And how "For thanksgiving, we get turkey at the PCC. Everyone say 'Oh, so good turkey! SO good!'" And "Organic food much better...the PCC has the organic eggs, fruit, meat. All good! I buy all food for home at the PCC!"

It was kind of neat to hear that. Since I grew up in the PCC community, and did a lot of work for them over summers (like computer stuff) when I was younger, and I can remember when they were two stores and a handful of offices on the second floor of the other store...long before they became the multi-store success they are now, where they spend money to keep organic farms and stuff afloat. Mom's been with them since pretty much the beginning, and it's nice to hear people say things like that. :)
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