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FF Sparks (Casual)

Round and round and round...

<rant tone="frustrated">
Okay. So, we have this machine which runs all our automated builds and tests. Our team bought it with our own money about a year and a half ago, and were assured we'd never have to do that again. So, recently, the new IT person comes in, finds this server and goes 'hrm, non-IT folks have administrator permissions on this box'. And proceeds to remove my administrator access on the box /I am responsible for/. She then also 'helpfully' standardizes the installation, removing Samba and other services our build requires. So I come in this morning, and find that our builds are totally broken, people are asking me to fix it. So I go to log in to find out what's wrong, and discover I no longer /have/ administrator permissions to fix the box!!

So I send a note to the IT department, who give me back administrator permissions. I spend three hours getting the box back to the state it needed to be in...only to be told by IT 'well, our understanding is that you don't need that box anymore because you're getting a new build machine.' This is something I requisitioned a long time ago, because this poor little server is overloaded. I'm happy, and ask when. They forward me to another department - the ones who told them the existing server was going to be replaced - to ask about the purchase order. I am told the purchase order was /declined/, but they never bothered to tell me that, and that they told IT it had NOT been declined.

*pulls her hair out* Wauuuugh!


At least I got everyone talking and we're all on the same page and our server is working again, but...it was a frustrating day so far. :P