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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Revisiting Old Images

Car by Night (Reprocess)
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, I've been tweaking some of my older images lately, trying to make them look better with things I've learned about post-production in the time since. One in particular really stood out to me, my 'Car By Night' shot in False Creek, Vancouver from not quite a year ago.

As for newer shots, the new camera has been working quite well; I'm very happy with the low-light capabilities, and especially with my ability to shoot wide-angle with my lenses now that I have a full-frame sensor. And hey, Canon put out a firmware update to alleviate the black dot issue, which wasn't even really bothering me hugely much. I've even finally got a photography website set up now (though it's a Flash-based abomination, and so I'm not certain if I wish to stick with that design indefinitely!).

There's various family stress still going on, so photography has been a good distraction. (I'll spare you all the details!)


NICE reprocess. The tungsten factor in artificial light always bugged me when I shot film...

I have some Elizabeth Moon books I should bring back to you at some point soon... what's your schedule like the next three-four days?