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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Giant Shot of Doom...

So... last night I went out with my friend Terence to do some photography. We had two 5D Mark II's (our respective cameras), a multi-thousand-dollar precision tripod (rented from Glazer's), and dedication to do something utterly insane (this bit is innate to the photographers involved).

The real prize of my shots for the night was quite possibly this panorama from Alki. Made up of 20 HDR exposures, the full-size image is 39,304 pixels by 4684 pixels. The image on Flickr is scaled down to only 8593x1024.

I've also made a color-corrected version, which I think I like better in some ways, though I've not yet tossed it up on Flickr. (This copy is also only 8593x1024.)

I suppose my query for my photography friends is... which do you prefer, first of all, and secondly... what the heck should I DO with this image?! Printing it will produce an insanely long banner, and I have no idea how I would even sell such a thing. My panorama of downtown is much more manageable, in terms of dimensions, at a mere 17338 x 5339.

(I have one more panorama to do, of downtown Seattle and Puget Sound from Kerry Park, but I haven't done so yet. That should fall between the other two in terms of dimensions.)

I mean, this was a cool shot, but I sort of went waaaay overboard, and now I have a 1 gigabyte, 16-bit Adobe Large Document file. I really should /use/ this in some way. :)


Yeah, I think I like the color-corrected one better too.

Hmm. Given an image of 39304x4684px, and a printer supposedly capable of 5760x1440dpi (Such as, say, an Epson R280), I wonder what the smallest inches you could print it to without losing any image information OR distorting the height/width ratio would be, and what dpi/etc settings would be used for such a thing? (I really need to learn how to work px/dpi/in calculations someday.)

Reminds me, I need to get some photo paper and a nice big photo sometime and see what this thing can really do...
Holy crap. You've really outdone yourself this time... :)

I should think an architecture firm or a civil engineering/city planning outfit might want such a thing, but how you would sell such an animal, I dunno. But it is a very cool shot...