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Photography, Camera

[Photography] New Toys

Sad Lenin in Snow
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, I haven't had a lot to say lately. I've been kind of swamped with work and some family stuff. Still, I'm doing okay; I have gotten back to riding, and I've been doing photography again lately.

In fact, I got a new photography toy... my first true pro camera body. The new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a wonderful full-frame body with great low-light capabilities.

I went around the other day in the snow, taking a few pictures with the new camera, and got one black-and-white picture I really liked of the Lenin statue in the snow.

Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing well. I'll try to write more soon.


Welcome back! *pokes through your photostream* woo! Aurora bridge FTW! Mind if I snarf a copy of that? Very impressive. Also liked the front quartering shot of Lenin in red in the snow...
Sure, go ahead, just credit me if you use it anywhere.

I don't generally care that much if people use my pictures. I probably should put things back under CC license, but I discovered I'd been snorfed for a few commercial things without attribution, and got irritated (plus several pro photographers told me best to do CC more sparingly).
You can do CC with a noncommercial clause... fr'ex, if you look at my journal/profile you'll see it has a CC-BY-NC-SA license - attribution, non-commercial, Share Alike... Jonathan Coulton tags his stuff BY-NC (no Share Alike; I suppose that's his way of not being pushy) and seems to do well enough....

but, yes, I always try to give credit where credit is due.... thanks.
I /was/ using CC-BY-NC-SA. I got used for a commercial publication, uncredited, and got annoyed. For a while I put my photostream All Rights Reserved and even watermarked everything. I've stopped watermarking again, and may go back to CC-BY-NC-SA.

If so, I'll probably stop uploading the full-res versions of my image (at fairness, in 21 megapixel territory, no one NEEDS the full-res versions of my images) and go to 50% or 'keep within 1280x1280' or something.
Harrumph! I'd have been more than annoyed at that...

FWIW 1024x768 prints at 8x10 on my HP OfficeJet just fine; 1280x1024 should be *plenty* for most folks... I wouldn't know what to do with 21mp. :) Sounds like a good idea to me.
I shoot in a two-thirds format, so we'd be talking 8x12 rather than 8x10, but I digress. ;)