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Oh, my. The snow has started coming down suddenly here. It's sticking, and it's REALLY thick. First I stopped being able to see the lake...then I stopped being able to see the building about 10 blocks away, then about 8...then about 5...

It's an AMAZING view from here on the 53rd floor, seeing the patterns in the swirling snow. Up here, the wind is strong enough that along the edge of the building, the snow swirls in circles and flies UP, before moving away, out and then down once away from the windbreak of the building. It's like being in a giant, psychotically fast snowglobe. It's very interesting to watch, since it's clear to see how the winds are disrupted by the building we're in; everyone in the office is clustered around the windows, watching...as I write this, the wind just changed direction and we're seeing new patterns...

However, it's sticking and the roads are starting to slick up...I may go home early, before they put buses on emergency snow routes; other co-workers are also getting ready to leave because of this weather, plus, I have to walk a way to the bus stop...in this??

Man, if there's any day I should've driven...!
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