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[Music] Great Big Sea!

Saw GBS at the Moore. Sat in the front row. I am now half-deaf (sat right in front of Alan, right by the speakers), I've lost my voice from singing along, and I'm exhausted because I danced through the whole show without sitting down. I actually clapped so much that I bruised the palm of my hand!

(In other words, I did it right. You're not allowed to behave otherwise in the first two rows!)

Saw annathepiper (I would've been surprised not to), technoshaman (actually was surprised to see Glenn there!), and many other familiar faces there. Much rockage was had.

Went to Kells afterwards, where the band had gone and invited others, but it was a little too crowded initially, and I was too tired, so I just sort of looked at the crowd and then departed.

Too tired to make more coherent post. Had fun. May drive up to Vancouver to see the GBS show there in December, if I have my hearing back by then. ;)
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