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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Music] Great Big Sea!

Saw GBS at the Moore. Sat in the front row. I am now half-deaf (sat right in front of Alan, right by the speakers), I've lost my voice from singing along, and I'm exhausted because I danced through the whole show without sitting down. I actually clapped so much that I bruised the palm of my hand!

(In other words, I did it right. You're not allowed to behave otherwise in the first two rows!)

Saw annathepiper (I would've been surprised not to), technoshaman (actually was surprised to see Glenn there!), and many other familiar faces there. Much rockage was had.

Went to Kells afterwards, where the band had gone and invited others, but it was a little too crowded initially, and I was too tired, so I just sort of looked at the crowd and then departed.

Too tired to make more coherent post. Had fun. May drive up to Vancouver to see the GBS show there in December, if I have my hearing back by then. ;)
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It's Anna's fault; she got me hooked on the music... and I shall be at a different concert with a different fan on Saturday night specifically because I riffed on one of their lyrics and it had the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious effect on somebody :)

Was good to see you there.
Hee! Yes, I'm responsible for both technoshaman and kendaer being there, given all the GBS we've been doing in Jam. ;)
Well, introducing people to the b'yz is rarely a BAD thing... ;)
Quite. ^_^
Actually, you got Seattlesparks 2nd hand via me - I picked up a bunch of their music, played it loudly, then insisted she use it in a virtual pub that we were working on.

And then she started listening to it all day, every day, as her work music. :) She's a very enthusiastic convert.
No, I already had their album 'Play.' You just foisted the rest off on me. :) I'd picked up Play /years/ ago for 'Ordinary Day.' But it was all DRM-ified, as it was one of the first albums I bought out of iTunes, thus we couldn't use it for music in the Cog. :)

Edited at 2008-10-04 04:32 am (UTC)
Oh, awesome! Yay for relaying the love! <3
Yay concert! I love straight to hell for dancing.

Also, when I saw them at Wolftrap playing before EFO, there were not nearly enough people dancing. embarassing.