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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Seattle] GBS next week

I seem to have ended up with an extra ticket to the Great Big Sea concert at the Moore theater on October 1st. And all my local GBS-loving friends I could think of already have tickets!

Any other of the Seattle crew interested? There's only the one spare ticket, though, I fear.


It is sad when GBS becomes group B strep and I am trying to figure out why anyoen would love such a thing... sigh.

Clearly you need to be introduced to the b'yz so that you associate that acronym with the appropriate thing. :)
Oh no, I think the first time I heard them was in 1998 or so, they were opening for a Chieftans concert at the Columbus Zoo. Which is why it is disturbing that I can't think of GBS as anything but group b strep anmore. ;P
Hmm. next wednesday evening.. What time does the show start? (IE, if I can manage it, I'm interested)
Show starts at 8pm.
That should be doable. now.. how to get ticket from you :) I am guessing the easiest would be to just meet you there?

Edited at 2008-09-26 05:22 am (UTC)
Likely. You have my cell, I think? (Since I haven't changed the number in ten years, if you have ANY cell number for me, you have my current one.)
I do have a number for you, but you might want to email me it just in case.