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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Life] Home Again

Just to let everyone know, I arrived home safely yesterday. I'm tired, and I still have a little more unpacking to do, and I am grieving the untimely demise of my Canon EOS 40D (a tragic victim of an Italian security checkpoint). But I am back.

To those who asked for my travelogues in e-mail, I hope you enjoyed them. I took about 6700 pictures, which will take me a very long time to sort through, but uploaded 2-5 every day of the trip from Internet cafés. Those can be found on my Flickr photostream.


Welcome home!

We need to make a lunch date. (Actually, I believe we have a longstanding Clinique date.)
Thanks, good to be back. I missed my puppy!

I believe you are right on both, though I will warn you that I head out again fairly soon for the east coast; I'll be working out of the main office in Connecticut for 2 weeks during October. So one of those two may need to wait for a post-Connecticut time. :)
Oooo, the Antikythera Mechanism! Very nice.

I don't suppose the Italians are going to reimburse you for your camera...? Ack.
Aiyah? What did they do to your camera? I'd just decided to go digital because I had such a huge problem with 35mm and x-ray scanners in Turkey...
I wish I knew. My camera worked along the Via del Fora, I put it through the x-ray machine when we got to the museum ten minutes later... I think it may have gotten jolted around inside or something. Turned it on five minutes later, and I could no longer adjust exposure and half the controls didn't work. :(

Probably had an EEPROM that got partially erased, but they would have had to have the output of the scanner turned up way too high for it to have done that.
Welcome back! :)
Bummer on the camera! But looking forward to the pics (sometime when it isn't nearly midnight :) ....

And, welcome home!
I just found your journal through a comment you left on kajafoglio. Would you mind if I friended you?
Sure, go ahead. :)
Welcome back!
I greatly enjoyed reading your e-mail travelogues every day! Thanks so much for sending them. It was great to vicariously experience your wonderful journey!