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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Chase Jarvis Meetup

Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, tonight Shay and I went to the Seattle Flickrites Meetup hosted by local photographer Chase Jarvis. He had rented Hangar 30 at the old Sand Point Naval Base, and there was an insane amount of high-end studio lighting equipment there to work with (courtesy of Glazers). About 90-some photographers were there, and a dozen or so models (along with hair/makeup artists). There were also break-dancers, BMX stunt bikers, and all kinds of other stuff to shoot.

In the end, I had a lot of fun and was very glad I went. A few of my favorite shots I took can be found in this photoset on my Flickr photostream.


Oh, those are SWEET photographs. I especially like the BMX shots and the guy with the katana. Very nicely done.
The katana-model was named Ryan. Poor guy... I made him put his leather jacket back on and I snagged a katana from the Table of Random Props, then made him pose all Highlander-ish.

I was actually shooting him out in an open space... a softbox to each side, a back-light behind him, two speedlights on poles overhead as hair lights, and then a beauty dish right over the camera position, aimed at him. No backdrops; he was just standing in the middle of the hangar. This is what's great about lighting; there were people standing against the far wall behind him, other things going on behind... but he's in this black, isolated void because you shoot a short exposure and then he's lit, but nothing else around him is. Works great. :)

Lighting is fun!
This one is my favorite of the katana shots, I think.
I like that one of the katana shots, but I like the first with the blade behind his head, too.

I love how it goes black behind him. With that many lights, I wouldn't expect that, but that's COOL.
what fantastic pictures!!! a great idea for a meet up.
VERY cool. Like something out of a pro mag. Shana is gorgeous, and you really did her justice... the BMX biker... wow. Gread silhouette, and you really froze it. Tough shot to get, anticipating when to squeeze so that you get it just right. And, yeah, the shot of Ryan with the sword behind his head.... tres cool.

Well done! More? :)
Oh, and, umm, where *did* they get the Desert Eagle for "Femme Fatale"??
TV-quality prop gun imported from Hong Kong by one of the photographers and contributed to the Table o' Props for the night. In Hong Kong it's just a toy gun. (You'll note that it's far too realistic looking to be sold as a toy -- or at all -- here, but you can legally import such things for film/photo use.)

I saw Rachel (the model's name) in that hat and outfit, and went, 'ooh, pulp-noir femme fatale! Black and white time!' and went over to snag the gun. :)
that's so weird, in Hong Kong, which is a half-breed Brit and Chinese mix of government, that that's *just* a toy, and yet over here it's illegal as hell except for "professional" use.

Love it. "Pulp-noir femme fatale"... hee hee hee... I like film noir anyway; I studied it in college as half of a sanity course (made a case for "Blade Runner" being modern film noir even though it's in color, got a B+ on the paper :) ..... her darkness and the chrome of the DE just compose very nicely together.

And the irony of her name is not lost. :)
"Okay, I'm done... next photographer!"

"Right! Okay, hi, I'm Rachel."

"And I'm also Rachel."

"Well then, great name!"

"Thanks, you also!"

"Okay, here's a gun I want you to hold..."


(You're up early... )
God help me, I have a photo shoot at 10:30am today, too. :P
Break a lens cap? :) :) :)
Ugh! No! The primary lens I'm shooting with today, I have no spare lens caps for!