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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Lights...

By the Sodium Light...
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, this Friday I'm not riding (my lesson was rescheduled), and as a result I will be going with Shay to a photography lighting workshop. Will be interesting to see how this works out.

I have been trying to just get out and SHOOT more things, lately, so that I stay in practice. Been going to the Sunday Market with the camera again more often (witness this sea salt picture). I've been trying to push the way I shoot more, lately, shooting higher aperture or higher ISO than I usually like to (witness the handheld available-light shots of Rick that I took on Sunday).

I'm pondering starting a Wordpress blog just for coding stuff, which I am always afraid to post here for fear of chasing everyone away, and turning my LJ into mostly art (photography/writing) and horse stuff. Then again, some of you are probably sick of photography posts and horse posts, too. ;)


The issue has to do with focal range. With a DSLR, you'll see certain lenses marked as 'macro,' meaning they can focus on things fairly close to the lens. (My favorite day-to-day lens qualifies as a macro because I can get up to just over a foot from the object.)

Point and shoots have to act differently to do a macro mode, so they usually have a toggle for it. This will generally look like a stylized flower, and will put the camera into a mode where one can more easily focus on a flower close-in. At that point, you can generally do reasonably well; this shot was taken with my point-and-shoot rather than my DSLR.

I dunno if that helps? :)