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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Lights...

By the Sodium Light...
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, this Friday I'm not riding (my lesson was rescheduled), and as a result I will be going with Shay to a photography lighting workshop. Will be interesting to see how this works out.

I have been trying to just get out and SHOOT more things, lately, so that I stay in practice. Been going to the Sunday Market with the camera again more often (witness this sea salt picture). I've been trying to push the way I shoot more, lately, shooting higher aperture or higher ISO than I usually like to (witness the handheld available-light shots of Rick that I took on Sunday).

I'm pondering starting a Wordpress blog just for coding stuff, which I am always afraid to post here for fear of chasing everyone away, and turning my LJ into mostly art (photography/writing) and horse stuff. Then again, some of you are probably sick of photography posts and horse posts, too. ;)


Am not sick of said posts. :P
This is going to seem like an odd question out of the blue from someone who follows your journal, but I was wondering if you might have any suggestions for shooting flowers with a basic point-and-shoot digital camera? My girlfriend likes to take pictures of her orchids, but she only has the aforementioned camera (she didn't want an SLR because she felt it was too bulky, and I don't take enough pictures to justify the expense to myself). Invariably the autofocus tends to blur the bloom, when that's really what she's going for.
The issue has to do with focal range. With a DSLR, you'll see certain lenses marked as 'macro,' meaning they can focus on things fairly close to the lens. (My favorite day-to-day lens qualifies as a macro because I can get up to just over a foot from the object.)

Point and shoots have to act differently to do a macro mode, so they usually have a toggle for it. This will generally look like a stylized flower, and will put the camera into a mode where one can more easily focus on a flower close-in. At that point, you can generally do reasonably well; this shot was taken with my point-and-shoot rather than my DSLR.

I dunno if that helps? :)
If'n you do split blogs, I'm just gonna add the RSS feed... :)

Your horsey posts are good story... and they also let me know you're doing ok. You're a pretty darn good shutterbug, and I'm interested in that... and you code on one of the more interesting projects out there. As Freddy used to sing, "I want it all!" :)

Looking forward to hearing about the workshop.
You know me, I <3 the horsie talk! pthb.