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[Riding] Summarizing Update

A brief update on my riding... Evergreen did, indeed, close at the end of June. So beginning in July, I began riding full time at Whistle Jacket (the dressage school). For the moment, Whistle Jacket is still on the Evergreen property, but that's probably not going to last past October at the latest. So the instructor is looking at a couple of other facilities to move Whistle Jacket to, and as long as wherever she moves is still within sensible driving distance, I'll remain with her.

Her horse Fabio was retired from service, which means I moved to Jilly for a school horse. But I'm only riding school horses when a certain other horse is having a training day, lately. Because... otherwise, I am on a certain much-loved five-year-old warmblood mare. The one I've posted about here periodically before, who I hope to someday buy.

I don't care that my friend mocks Debutanté's conformation or the fact that she's an American warmblood (which is admittedly a pretty lax breed standards-wise). I just love that horse. She's cheerful, affectionate, she's got a wonderful trot and canter, a lot of energy, and she's just a joy to ride. She's still learning, and so there's a lot of things that are new to her. (Leg yields, for instance, are pretty new.) But she's so curious and eager to please, and there's just this sense that she's /listening/ and wants to really work with you. And when she and I are in sync...

In short, riding the horse has only increased my affection for her.

And it seems to have increased her affection for me, too. Or at least her possessiveness! Friday was a training day for Debbie, so I was written on the board as being on Jilly. But Debbie still had a lot of energy, so I ended up riding her... except the board hadn't been changed. So I brought Jilly out into the aisle, and Debbie got VERY upset. Kept trying to steal the grooming brush out of my hand, or pull my helmet off my head. (Though I'm not wholly convinced this wasn't 'Hey. *I* want the carrot I know you have. Stop paying attention to that other horse!') She seemed a bit smug when I put Jilly away and brought her out instead.

I am becoming more and more convinced that this is the horse I should buy, once she's out of training.
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