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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Solstice Parade

So, I had a press pass for the Solstice Festival this year, and used that to shoot the parade from close in. I took about 600 pictures, and narrowed my favorites down to 140 of them that show the crowds, the other press photographers, the general attitude of the whole thing, and -- of course -- the parade itself. I have not uploaded these to Flickr yet, because I may want to do a little more tweaking (and because I was curious about .Mac Galleries, which /are/ quite nice).

The shots can be found in my .Mac Gallery here for either desktop (or the iPhone optimized version!), but I should warn you that -- as this is the Fremont Solstice Festival -- the pictures DO include a lot of bicyclists wearing nothing but body paint (and occasionally helmets). So... just be aware. :)


I think I just tripped over your bandwidth limit. Damn! =(

How did you get a press pass?
Eep... what do you mean? I'm able to load the Gallery fine, albeit slowly; there shouldn't /be/ a bandwidth limit on .Mac Galleries, though the server's a little overloaded as they take machines offline and back online to prepare for the MobileMe launch.

I got a press pass by signing up with the Fremont Arts Council. Anyone can, provided you agree to give the right to use your pictures to the FAC (so they can keep records of each year's parade), and to abide by certain press-photographer guidelines. Beyond that, they don't care if you submit to Reuters, the PI, etc... they even encourage it, as it gives publicity.
Thumbnails continued to work, but after a bit, when I clicked on an individual pic, it would display the larger version momentarily, then replace it with a gray exclamation-point icon. No explanatory hover text though, unfortunately. It's working fine again now. Gotta be some sort of throttling, and I just had to wait for that time window to pass.