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[Photography] Solstice Parade

So, I had a press pass for the Solstice Festival this year, and used that to shoot the parade from close in. I took about 600 pictures, and narrowed my favorites down to 140 of them that show the crowds, the other press photographers, the general attitude of the whole thing, and -- of course -- the parade itself. I have not uploaded these to Flickr yet, because I may want to do a little more tweaking (and because I was curious about .Mac Galleries, which /are/ quite nice).

The shots can be found in my .Mac Gallery here for either desktop (or the iPhone optimized version!), but I should warn you that -- as this is the Fremont Solstice Festival -- the pictures DO include a lot of bicyclists wearing nothing but body paint (and occasionally helmets). So... just be aware. :)
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