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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Obit] Another Master Passes

Tired right now, but had somehow overlooked this and realized I should post this. He wasn't a writer, but the man knew how to tell a story.

Stan Winston, the special effects genius responsible for the Aliens, the Terminators, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and many more things -- including, most recently, the really excellent Iron Man -- passed away this weekend at age 62.

Somehow, movies just won't be quite the same...


Truer than you know.

Mostly, Stan Winston stayed in the background, designing creatures and special effects. But his taste was well known, particularly because of the number of high-budget special effects shows he turned down, saying the scripts were "boring."

And the only feature he ever directed, "Pumpkinhead," is a memorable melding of a creature (which is why they hired him, of course) and a great story.
His passing did not go unnoticed over here. The Guardian newspaper carried an obituary today. The print edition was illustrated with a photograph of Winston working on one of the creatures from Galaxy Quest.