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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Life Updates

I finally managed to obtain the Canon PIXMA 9000 printer that I had been trying to get... and that became another drama in and of itself. I got to the Lynnwood Best Buy, found the PIXMA -- the last one in the greater Seattle area -- and got to the checkout line... only to discover the discount card (the whole reason I was buying in the store!) was missing. WOE! Bought it at full price, got it out to the car... and found the discount card lying on the floor by the driver's seat. The Best Buy folks were very nice and immediately did a return-and-repurchase at the (considerably lower) price with the discount card.

The printer does very nice images; I should've bought better printer paper, but Best Buy's Dynex store brand stuff works well enough (though took me a bit to figure out the color profiles on it).

I also have found an interim solution on the riding situation; my dressage instructor will be remaining on the property through September, so I'll just begin riding dressage twice a week after the hunt-seat riding school closes in June. That gives me a little more time to search for a longer-term solution.

In other news... anyone know a good guitar instructor in the Fremont area? I'm going to go down and check the board at Dusty Strings later, but thought I'd check for recommendations in the meantime.


Speaking of (Second) Life..

Haven't seen you in the streets of New Babbage in ages.
Folk or classical? Some folks do one but not the other; some do both...

Are you on kendaer's filk list? If you are, post there; if not, I can...