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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Lovely Weather...

Persistent Flower
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
Been a while since I posted a photograph. Congrats, have one.

Today was really quite nice, so after work I went out for about an hour to snap a few pictures. Tomorrow will supposedly be hellish (for Seattle) as it is expected to be around 90 degrees(!). Still, that should leave nice enough weather to eat dinner on the deck on Saturday for my birthday dinner with family, one hopes.

Oh, anyone who needs a good laugh should check out Jim Hines' LOLbooks.

I have nothing more to say. I am tired. I shall watch Netflix, eat, and perhaps read for a bit before sleeping.


Happy Birthday! And thanks for the LOLbooks... I just happen to know someone who *really* needs a laugh right now.

Be good to yourself... after all, it's your birthday. May this be the best year yet... and the worst of those to come.
p.s. the laugh worked. Thanks. :)
Happy approaching birthday from here, as well.
Ah, now see, that's exactly the type of photo that I was hoping for when I brought the camera with me to work the past three days: Brightly colored flowers against a drab background. Unfortunately, I waited slightly too late, because several days of rain had caused all the flowers to loose their liveliness, and then by this afternoon I'd lost the cloud-filtered sunlight.

Happy Birthday! =D