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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Fine, fine, you win. :)

I've had one or two quiet nudges that my Amazon wishlist was a little cluttered with photography gear, so I've split it into a normal wishlist and a photography wishlist, both linked from the sidebar of my LJ. See? No more expensive optics cluttering up the default wishlist, okay? ;)
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And we should just assume that the MiniDV HD video recorder is unrelated to photography? :)
I got my wife a nice lens for her Nikon a couple of birthdays ago. Based on that experience and the knowledge I gained from my grandfather, I can safely say that you need more rich friends, girl.
No joke. I love my L-series lens, and it is my general-use lens for the 40D. But YOW that's some pricy glass...
I was once (ONCE!) allowed to hold my grandfather's Hasselblad lens. It's probably worth more than my car.