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[Photography] First Real Shoot

Forest of Glass
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
After shooting a few pictures at the Sunday Market in the lovely sunlight yesterday morning (see glass photo in post), Shay and I went to do our first photoshoot for a DJ needing press photos.

Our shooting location in this case was the unfinished top floor of an old building in Pioneer Square, with exposed aged brick and big windows, as well as several balconies. Lots of

Unfortunately, we only had about 90 minutes to shoot in, so we had to set up and sort out the lighting REALLY fast... we both would've liked more time to really get to know the space and the lighting, but we managed. The DJ was happy with the preliminary results, though we still have the edit the 'keeper' shots we picked out.

Overall, even though we're still in a learning phase, we seem to work well as a photography team so far, and have set up our own photostream on Flickr for our joint work. We're also still looking into longer-term space options. Having to collect the two sets of equipment and stuff it all into the back of the Beetle is not ideal, especially since we have no real regular space to shoot in. But as a start, this has been going well.

But I need to get Photoshop CS3, and ugh, that's one expensive bit of software. I can use the Elements -> CS3 upgrade option, but it's still pricy. I figure maybe I'll wait until after my birthday and use birthday money for that. In the meantime, the 30-day trial version is sufficient; I'm finding the Wacom tablet I had for doing handwriting support work with Trillian actually works well for doing quick photography editing in CS3, as I get used to using it.
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