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[Horses] Photographic Challenge

Freedom Run
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
So, my shoulder's still sore and a bit swollen (yes, I have an appointment; the earliest I could get was this coming Monday morning), so I couldn't ride tonight. But I NEEDED some horse time (and some time with a certain bay mare), so I went to the stables anyway. And I hauled along the camera.

While I took a number of pictures, I set myself a challenge while Freedom was being lunged, and tried to take action shots... keep Freedom's head stable and in focus while moving the camera. For my first attempt, this isn't /perfect/, but I do like how it came out. (And there's a few other horse pictures.)

(Yes, you pretty well are going to a picture in every blog post I can manage. Cope.)


Keep 'em coming :)
Really good! I've had to get pretty good at this for sports at school.