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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Life] Vancouver Summary

Misty Horizon
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
I think I needed the weekend just having a change of scenery. In retrospect, driving the three hours to Vancouver with an injured shoulder wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done (nor was driving around there or driving back). But overall, despite shoulder-pain, I enjoyed myself.

FJ was very tolerant on Saturday as we wandered around the city. I took pictures downtown (and we stumbled across a film shoot outside the art gallery, though I have no idea what they were shooting), and picked up a stuffed sasquatch (Quatchi!). Then we went to Stanley Park and drove around for a few hours, took pictures various places around the park. (Including Prospect Point, as seen in the photo included in this post. It was actually very sunny out that day; I had to use a circular polarizing filter to make this picture not brilliantly bright and glare-y off of the water!)

Then we went back, ate Timbits and watched the Illusionist (and Doctor Who... yay, Sontarans!), and got some sleep. The next day was a bit lazier, but we drove out to Burnaby to meet up with Andrea and go see Run, Fatboy, Run!, which was a brilliantly funny movie. (Dylan Moran and Simon Pegg FTW! And Hank Azaria was great too.) Then we ate dinner, and I drove back.

Sometimes a change of pace is a good thing!