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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Life] Home Again

Make Your Mark
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
Home from Vancouver. A few more of the shots I felt worth sharing up on my Flickr stream (some from *gasp* the point-and-shoot). Shoulder hurts very much, taken painkiller, going to beeeeed. Enjoy photos.
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Yanno, sweetie, vandalising public property so you can get a photo just ain't cool. ;-D
*snrk* Nah, I'm all about the found shots. I'd make a lousy graffiti artist. :)


So cute. Although my first thought was "Moon Boy?"

Re: Quatchi!

Quatchi is the most cute and snuggly Olympic mascot EVER.

Who doesn't need a big plushie sasquatch?!
Who doesn't need a big plushie sasquatch?!

Atlanta, apparently. All we got for the '96 Olympics was that weird blue sperm-lookin' thingie. They could have at least picked something native to Georgia. Like, umm, a giant wild hog. Which I guess isn't that far off from the Sasquatch.