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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Theogeny Redux

Red Waves
Originally uploaded by RainPacket.
I went to the stables tonight for a rescheduled dressage lesson, and ended up riding outdoors in the last-little-gasp of sunshine before the Black Clouds of Mordor closed in once more. Did fairly well, actually, and even ended up cantering Jilly without stirrups (which was a heart-pounding experience).

But immediately afterwards, I went off to Shay's apartment where we tried another round of shooting. We tried shooting several things -- a frost-covered mug, an opaque black wine bottle with a striking red label, and so on, mostly against black backgrounds -- but with mixed success. (We're still definitely experimenting with lighting, and some things work, while some things don't.)

We DID do another round of food coloring and water, though... this time, we took a wavy bottle and punched a hole in the cap so that we could put food coloring in without having to move it once we found a location. We had a few interesting shots, but only four we felt worth keeping (which are up on Flickr now).

Our first attempts weren't as pleasing in terms of the lighting on the surface we used beneath the bottle, but one had a really striking smoke-like pattern in the green coloring and so we kept it. In our final round of the night, we returned to the bottle (and our backlit methods), but this time we deliberately overexposed the shots slightly. It created a very vivid look, and helped to smooth out the foam-core we'd used as a shooting surface. My personal favorite of the shots is here in the post... the others are in the Theogeny set on Flickr.