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Photography, Camera

[Photography] Theogeny!

Many of my photographer friends find, like me, that photography helps to relieve their stresses. Unfortunately -- also like me -- many find that sometimes photography gets put aside and lost in the shuffle of day-to-day life and work.

So in the interests of actually ensuring we have good reason to keep pressuring each other to continue shooting regularly (in what little free time we have), my friend Shay and I have decided to join our photographic forces (and equipment) under the name 'Theogeny Studios.' As we both shoot Canon, our lenses, flashes and everything else can be pooled for joint work very effectively. Our knowledge and skillsets, also, pool reasonably well (at least, so we think)!

Our first attempt at this was tonight, using Shay's lighting gear, my new 40D, and a bunch of stuff around the house here. (For lenses, we alternated between the most expensive lens -- my EF 24-70mm f/2.8L -- and the cheapest, the oft-mentioned and much-loved nifty fifty that both he and I carry.)

I think there's a lot of promise here; after about 40 minutes of figuring out who was most effective at doing what, we fell into a reasonable division of tasks and fairly smooth teamwork. Over the course of quite a few hours, we shot something like 3 gigabytes of images. Of those, we found about 20 that we liked reasonably well, and 8 that we thought were the best of the evening. I've put those eight up in the Theogeny Studios set that I just made on Flickr.

We've already looked them over and found a few things we'll try doing differently next time (nothing dark by the edge of the softbox, for one; we had the dark there to prevent reflections onto the glass, but it also darkened the backdrop slightly). But I think we did reasonably well together for our first time nonetheless! Although the 'Love is Fluid' set are the ones I can find the most wrong with, I also still really love them. And the first of the 'Needle' pictures.



Looks like you are having fun

and that is what matters most in photography.

as a somewhat off topic subject
I find Japaneses photography clubs to be a strange sort. You know the type. They have the big expencive cameras which they haul around on heavy tripods, and they all line up side by side taking the same booring picture!

I think you are like me... i can't take a picture of a flower without really getting my pants and back of my shirt all covered with dust

By the way, have you ever read this, it is great


Happy shooting :D
Nice. I've always been fascinated by fluid dynamics...

And, I didn't know you were into fencing/pointy things? Cool.

Looking forward to more.
p.s. sometimes a bog-standard 50mm lens is really the way to get the best shot.... particularly for me, when I go indulge in time-exposure night shots...
I like the photographs, especially the "Love is Fluid" set. You should display them side by side as a set of four, if Flickr allows that. The introduction of the darker food colouring in the final image adds an interesting visual dissonance.

And yes, the curves on your rapier are a good subject, reminiscent of the Celtic spiral patterns at Newgrange. Nice use of lighting and background.